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Identifying High Quality Koozies

For those oblivious of what a koozie is, well, it’s a cylinder shaped piece of foam that is used to insulate drinks in their holders, in most occasions its used to keep beverages cold for an amount of time. Koozies have been in existence for a while and people who don’t know this should make a point to know because they present so many advantages. In addition koozies can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

For those whom taking cold drinks or beers during the hot days then there are cheap koozies that will help keep your drink cold for while hence leaving no chance for the drink to become warm which would ruin the moment plus they make your drink look more fashionable from the outside. Moreover, for the people who cannot do without hiking then koozies is an area to invest because it makes drinking whatever drink more comfortable and enjoyable.

For those who associate koozies with other names then the following are among the various among them: koolies, beer huggers, can coolers, stubby holders. Koozies can be made with the following materials: styrofoam, stainless steel, plastic,old clothing, neoprene of which can be shaped in different sizes, width and heights enabling them to comfortably house any container present. Koozies can be made in any color, can be striped or even graffitied depending on a person’s taste.

Being a promotional tool is the most common use of a koozie because it’s very cheap to produce and since its regularly used in homes, it further embeds the company’s name in people’s minds. To make koozies your promotional tool, then you only need to include the formal information of your company and the products that are out for sale on it. People are attracted to what most looks appealing and that can be achieved by using attractive font styles, colors and a variety of images.

The more the koozies are given out then the more your products receive recognition, the giveaways need to happen at product launches among other business meetings. Gifting koozies that have company information to your staff, co-workers and employees is another way promoting your company as it takes your company name to other areas.

Customized koozies are also a great addition when it comes to celebrations and gatherings such as birthday parties and weddings. During birthday get-togethers, bright colors, animal prints, and great designs are advised to make the celebration a success. For a more home feeling, koozies to be incorporated in weddings can be the same color as the color setting that was chosen. To make your wedding unique, koozies with a variety of designs in combination of catchy text including the bride’s and groom’s names is a great and easy way to achieve such uniqueness.

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