Web Design Trends of 2019

Open composition

The open composition is the web design trend when freely located graphic elements do not interfere with the screen limits (that is, there are no vertical menus and other fixed vertical modules at the edges of the page).

Beveled grid of page modules

Instead of using dull straight verticals and horizontal screen breakdowns, it’s fashionable right now to use a beveled or distorted grid. Then the pages become more memorable. Experiment with grids and layouts of your european women dating site and it is quite likely that you will attract new visitors to your site.

Fixed navigation bar

Saving a fixed navigation menu allows users to navigate a website from anywhere on any page. A particularly fixed navigation bar is important for mobile visitors.

Minimalistic web design

People want to get rid of cluttered sites and want to see something clearer, something more to the point. Therefore, in minimalistic web design, pages (first of all, Home) are “cards” with a minimal amount of text. In fact, such pages act as entry points that contain hyperlinks for additional information - and it, in turn, look like “cards” of the same type.


Cinemagraphs are high-quality videos or GIFs that usually loop smoothly. This is becoming a very popular way to add visual interest to site pages. Beautiful full-screen gifs and videos hold the attention of a visitor for a lot longer.


This trend is also rapidly spreading among web designers. Almost every professional business and startup use all-capital letters to create a more attractive and symmetrical web design. In addition, all caps also become a corporate identity for clean and clear navigation of websites.

Button design

It is no longer fashionable to create buttons in the form of dull strict rectangles with text in the middle. Now they become ovals, parallelepipeds, and other different shapes. And they can even have gradient blurry contours. Another fashionable style in creating buttons is to easily “float” them across the screen when scrolling or add animated text and icons on to them.


Firstly, circles, squares, and triangles look very minimalistic, but we already know that minimalism is a trend. Secondly, the new fashionable simple minimalistic elements do not overload the site code, so it will be quite easy to get such a design going.

A lot of empty space

The presence of free "white" space in our time is a sign of more professional design. By letting the elements of your site breathe, you make it easier for visitors to grasp your content. Free space allows you to create a “design stream” - a “current” between modules and decorative elements at different ends of the page. Do not try to fill all the space on the page. Do not try to place the entire range of your products and assets on one page. Leave some space between the design elements. Remember that an empty space adds elegance and sophistication to your site.